I'm looking for a new amplifier for home use. I play all kinds of styles; Blues, Rock and Metal mostly but also Jazz, Classical etc. I've tried the Boss Katana 50 a few times and it seems pretty good to me, but I've also heard that the Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 40 is a very good and versatile amplifier. Now, what I'm looking for in the amplifier is that it should be pedal-friendly, and I know the Boss Katana 50 sure is, but should I give the Blackstar a chance? Both cost about the same (around 200$, which is fairly cheap). Any answers will be taken.
I can't speak for the Boss, but I can say the Blackstar is nice.
I've played around quite a bit on the Katana and thought it was pretty solid. The ID:Core sounded good until I got to the metal tones, which I thought were pretty lacking.

My advice would be to go to your local guitar store and try both. Guitar Center should stock both where ever you are (if there is one near you, of course).