I have submitted the tab! hope you like it. great song this. never heard it before. Roy has amazing songs thats for sure. have a look and let me know what you think! sometimes after the last dm there is a little quick chord changes from Dm to C to A to C to Dm. love it
For the first verse i had Dm/Am/G/Dm could be an A instead of an Am. what do you think?

 this is my intro riff

riff 1

let me know what you think!
haleyjane1962  doin my best. this is also a very good way to train the ears!

I changed the tab and resubmitted it. I hope it is now going to be accepted!
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rhgabaut As it is your submission is not helpful. I had another look at the song and completed the chord sheet; there are some more surprises near the end. Do you want to keep up your submission or can I submit mine?
maguri you can submit yours. I have changed mine to but still needs some work. I don't know why mine was aproved anyway. I want it to be as acurate as possible. It is quite a tricky song as you mentioned.thanks for your help again.