Hi guys . I'm kind of on the lookout for a new guitar I was looking for an Ibanez and this one stood out a little but I don't know much about it . It somewhat resembles an S Series guitar but thicker . Similar to like a JS. It has an HSS configuration an it was upgraded with all emgs. It says " custom made" on the fretboard . I know there's a couple of these around but what do they mean ? Anyone know more about this guitar ? Here's a link to what it looks like but it isn't this exact one

1990-1992 Radius 540R
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1990-1992 Radius 540R

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"On 1990-1992 models these dots were combined with a 'Custom Made' inlay on the 21st fret. Unlike what is stated, the 540R models with this inlay were not actually 'custom made' specially ordered personalized guitar models, all standard production models featured them. Other models with this kind of inlay are the 540S and 540R-LTD."
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ExDementia Yeah I knew it wasn't a custom shop guitar or anything. But the guy who was selling it was trying to pass it off as one like if i'm an idiot lol. I've seen a couple of Ibanez' guitars with those logos already. Wasn't sure which model it was, but yes it is the 540r. Unfortunately the guy swapped the neck so fuck that.