I'm learning this really fast intro to a song called I'm awake by Intervals. I can almost play it up to speed but my right hand gets really tense for the whole run. I was wondering if that ever goes away? Like if when you just get better and faster you can play fast and your right hand will be nice and loose like when you're playing slow stuff.
blasphemy678 I just posted a tutorial about alternate picking an hand coordinations. You can find it on my youtube channel a couple of exercises who talk about how to reduce the tension of your both hand. Should be the one about speed burst. This for sure will help you to relax both hands when playing. Ciao
Tony Done thanks dude. I see now that it's just that my right hand will get used to faster speed later. I just hate that tense feeling
blasphemy678 I don't have a name i just started the channel and you have to have few subscribers before to have a name instead of numbers and letters anyway, this one should help you a lot in put your hand in sync and to reduce your tension. let me know if this help or i can suggest you other stuff