Later this year (probably around Christmas) I'll most likely be getting a Gibson SG Standard, and I need to know what pickups I should order to get the kinds of sounds that I want. I'd like for one pickup to be good for a punk rock/1999-2001 Tom Delonge Sound. I'd like the other one to just be a really solid hard rock tone.
Get the guitar first. You can't hope to figure out what you want to change about it if you don't even own it yet. 

I'm going to guess you also might want to sort out your amp situation first. 
I also agree with getting the guitar first and see if you can get the sound out of your amp and not have to replace the pickups. But, I would recommend the SH 8 Invader for the Bridge Pickup. I know Tom used that at some point. But SG's I've noticed can get pretty distorted with the stock pickups.
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It's also important to note that both of those styles almost always use the bridge pickup, so you're probably going to be disappointed if you were hoping to drop a JB in the neck and have one pickup for each sound. It doesn't work that way. There are definitely pickups that can work for both, but it's not just a modular "pick any two genres' sort of deal.