I am a beginner with guitar but not with music in general. I want to play some alternative rock just nothing really heavy. I like the way both of these sound so its a huge toss up for me. The Telecaster will run me $199-$200 while the Les Paul Studio will run me $169 from Sam Ash. Which would you all suggest? Are there any other models you would recommend? 
The are completely different guitars.  Which one feels 'just right' when you hold it?  I would say that the Epiphone would be more versatile, but thats really your choice.  Neither are bad, but I personally like the Les Paul Studio.
As said above, 2 completely different guitars. I would go with Les Paul personally, mainly because of aesthetic and that's it really. Which one you choose, depends exactly on way they feel to you, and what kind of rock you want to play.
kambel79 There is so much to play its hard to narrow it down. Im not a big rock enthusiast but I love the instrument. I like so Jimi, some BB king, Mac Dermarco is nice. None of these are really heavy so I just say alternative and rock. 
Play them both and see what feels better.
Try to find a store that sells them both so you can compare on the spot and go the the one that feels nicer.
Personally I'm a big Tele fan and not a Les Paul enthusiast as opposed to the other people who commented, just saying that to show you it's basically down to personal preference.

The G&L Tribute Fallout is a nice option for alternative & rock. You get a HB in the bridge- a common preference in rock music- and the P90 in the bridge position gives you access to the kinds of beefier singlecoil tones common in alternative music.

A similar mix of pickups can be found on certain versions of the Godin Empire.

There are other guitars out there with similar configurations, but most are pricier.
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