Hi i bought my ibanez at100cl last year for a lot of money and i didn't use a lot of whammy bar but now i tried to use it but it spins like hell whem in standing and it's generally really loose and keeps falling out. The tremolo is this  
  • Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo

And is not the one you screw in. Is there a way to fix this beacuse i remember it was pretty tight when i first bought the guitar
As I recall, push-in Wilkinson trems have a tiny pressure screw on the side that adjusts how easy it is to push/pull them in that socket. Contact Wilkinson or Ibanez, and they can tell you where to look.
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if it's the one i'm thinking of there should be a teeny screw (EDIT: I think it's an allen bolt actually so you'd need an allen key) in the sustain block just under where the trem arm goes in. dive the bar and you should see it (look at it from the bottom of the guitar, i.e. from the bottom strap button).
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gasper.skornik Piggy backing off of the previous responses, if any threads are giving you trouble and not staying tight, blue thread locker or Teflon tape works wonders! Even in the tiny bolt in the bottom of the trem arm in my Floyd Rose, some blue thread locker keeps it tight.
Yeah there was an allen bolt under trem and i have tighten it. Thanks for replys