REWARD $5000
On July 30, someone stole all my collection of vintage guitars. That happened in Montreal.
I've been collecting those guitars for over 15 years, i'm completely devastated.
Anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the thieves and to find my guitars, I will give $5000 cash.
PLEASE SHARE THIS, with your shares we can find those thieves, we have to stop them!
- Gibson Lespaul Junior 1956 sunburst, serial 613731
- Gibson nighthawk 1990 sunburst, serial 93143424
- Fender Stratocaster 1974 natural, serial 531019
- Danelectro 1967 Coral Hornet 1458 Mark Knopfler model
- Magnatone 1959 Mark VIII sunburst
- Fender Stratocaster 1988 american standart sunburst, serial EE103516
- Fender Telecaster custom 1975 natural, serial 669660
- Fender Jaguar 1965 olympic white, serial 168266
- Martin MTV Unplugged accoustic, natural, 1996, serial 578147
- Gibson Firebird 1976, 25th anniversary, sunburst, serial 00 294078
- National Greenhood 96 1965 res-o-glass, red
- Wurlitzer gemini stereo 1967, black
- Jerry Jones DC-3 Neptune 1960s (similar to danelectro)
- Teisco Del-Ray 1960s sunburst, japan
- Fender Precision bass 1968, brown, serial 246890
- Teisco Zen-on Guyatone 1960s, delray, sunburst
- Montaya 1960s, japan, sunbust

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION : call me : 514-992-2583 or call the police : 911 - case number MTL EV 1700 728 872.


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Those are 2 I know, there are probably more. Good luck.
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Be sure to let all of the employees of the local guitar tech and guitar stores in the area know (with photos). Any pawnshops as well. Thieves will usually try to fence this type of gear locally.

I had a case of hasselbad (photo) gear stolen from a friend's studio where I'd left it overnight. A few weeks later the thief walked into a local camera store, popped open the case and asked the salesman, "What can I get for this?" The salesman leaned over, peered into the case and said, "I'm thinking 10-15 years. I know who this belongs to and I know who you are, and at this point the very best thing you can do is take his number, call him, and try to stay out of jail."

Turned out the guy was a counselor at one of the local high schools whose wife had a beef with my friend (he'd employed her and she still had a key). They broke in and just happened to take MY case of gear instead of his. My Insurance had already paid off, and I'd already purchased new gear, so I made him return the case to me and pay the insurance company what they'd paid me on the claim.