Hey all. I've got a DOD FX91 Bass Overdrive. I think someone wired something wrong on it as it is not working right. Got it in a trade. Guy might have said one of jacks had problem. Anyway, I've been doing some troubleshooting and I can only get it to work right when I am touching one of the connections on the output jack. I feel like something might be reversed wired or something because it's wired and works with the black wire coming off of the 9V battery going to the tip of the cable and a red wire going to the sleeve. And only when I touch it? Seems like it's really close because I can get sound out of it, just something is messed up. Here are some pictures of the inside.

There is also a green cable that goes nowhere that seems to do nothing? But also makes weird noise when I move it.

On the 4 wires in a row on the plastic square the green wire is going to the input jack. Only cable to the input. Then theres a yellow wire that is not there. And then the next red wire  goes to the battery. Then the red wire after that was going to the sleeve of the output. Then the black wire from the battery is going to the tip of the output

Here are links to schematic but I can't figure it out myself

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Thinking that maybe the battery hookup might be hooked up wrong. Or input/output is wrong. Really trying to figure out where battery should be hooked up and where those cables from the plastic box (H1) I pictured should go.
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