I got a used  Tanglewood  Nashville iv electric acoustic TND ,   Its missing the EQ and pickups  and I don't know what the  original eq and  pickups  was like , Can any one recommend and EQ box and pickup  that will fix the guitar , I have looked on ebay but there seems to be a lot of cheap ones and I don't think they will sound that good , so I am looking for something as close to the original pick ups as possible .
Measure the dimensions of the EQ hole in the guitar then look around for an EQ of the same or larger dimensions - you can easily enlarge the original hole to accommodate a bigger EQ unit by using a junior hacksaw blade and finishing with sandpaper. 

And don't worry too much about buying one that may seem cheap - unless you you go silly cheap the chances are that whatever EQ / PU you buy will be OK. That Tanglewood "original" EQ - despite the fact that it has "Tanglewood" written on it - will have been made by someone else and there is a high probability that it is really an Artec or Belcat unit.