what noticeable difference is there between a 1x12 and 2x12 cabinet?
The 2x12 will be larger by a fair margin, and have space for one more speaker.

Any other differences are down to the speakers installed and how they're wired.
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The cabinet is usually bigger and there's 2 speakers in a 2x12 in them rather than 1. Some 2x12's are wired in series, others in parallel.

You need to be more specific as to what exactly you're asking. Some cabinets that are 2x12's can be completely different to the equivalent 1x12 while other cabinets can be very similar, outside of the obvious fact that there is an extra speaker in it. It depends on what specific cabinets you're talking about.
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In my experience 2x12s always sound bigger (less boxy). than 1x12s.
I think it's pretty safe to assume he knows the 2x12 will be physically larger and include an additional speaker, guys.

In general, a 2x12 cab should have a bit more of a "full" sound, as it's another speaker to push more air, as well as more low end, given the extra space behind the speakers (in most cases, if it's a closed back cab, which most 2x12s are). Also, with a 2x12, you can pair different speakers for a different sound. Like a V30 and a Greenback is a popular combination.

But honestly, these things are not going to make or break your sound in you're just playing in your room, and for most gigs, the cab is mic'd anyway. The advantage of a 2x12 would be a bit more spread of sound, and on stage your amp really acts more as a monitor for you than anything else (assuming it's mic'd).

So I say if you're just playing at home or are tight on cash, the 1x12 will be just fine. If you're playing with drums and/or playing gigs, I would spring for the 2x12.
^ yeah if you can afford it and have room (and can lift it easily if you're gigging) then a 2x12 is normally a good bit better.
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I prefer a 2x12 over a 1x12 but there are very good 1x12 cabs. If you are expecting a big difference, I think you may be disappointed.

As an example, a Mesa 2x12 vertical cab with V30s is not dramatically different than an Orange PPC 1x12 with a V30. own both and compared side by side with a mark V 25 and JP6. Not much difference and not significantly more bass response either, nor dramatic volume difference.

Again, prefer the 2x12 but it is probably in my mind more than anything else. Sold the Orange cab but it was solid.
I am at the point now where my 4X12s stay in the same spot (I have eight of them). IMO they are obsolete. I don't like 1x12"s much at all standalone for a cab. a 112 combo is fine if i have to though.

2x12s are fuller, also higher wattage due to having a second speaker.

keep in mind that a v30 is only 60 watts, and that would limit head options on a 112.

2x12 combos are heavy though (mesa 2x12 combos are 98lb or something), which is a good reason also to go with a head and cab, easier to move.
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keep in mind that a v30 is only 60 watts, and that would limit head options on a 112.

Great point.
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keep in mind that a v30 is only 60 watts, and that would limit head options on a 112.

I would be using it with a Vox MV50, so that wouldnt be an issue.
ExDementia love it!  $199 for a 50 watt head, and it really is an amazing sounding little head with a very pleasant Vox sound.  Don't let the price or size fool you.