Hey guys, 
This one is interesting in the sense that it is a single run through of the song with no overdubs on any of the instruments. All instrumentation done with a guitar, that includes synth and bass. Only the vocals were done after the initial pass through. Something I'm doing for my one man band project. I hope you like it. 

If you like this kind of music and want to hear at least two albums worth of material like it, please do support your friendly neighbourhood band Mechanevil. Cheers and thanks!
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Doesnt really feel progressive or death :/  its not bad, just representing of like a thrashy genre. When i think progressive i think of polyrythm or polymetric sections, when i think of death metal i think of blast beaty arpeggiated parts with with gutterals and really high vox.

Not bashing just sincere crit!
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