I want to do a new finish on my Tanglewood Nashville IV TND CE  Solid Spruce top  it  has a natural satin finish  looks very  light ,  What products will I need to recreate this as close to the original ? 
its just got damage in parts want to bring it back to what it was ,  I have done refinish work before  with colours just never this type where you can see the wood, 
Refinishing an acoustic guitar completely changes the tone of the instrument and it absolutely destroys resale value.  If you value the guitar, appreciate how it sounds, or might find yourself selling it someday then I strongly discourage you from attempting to refinish it.  If you are dead set on a refinish then the process is very time consuming.  You need to strip the old finish away using sand paper. Start with 200 grit and when you get down to bare wood then prep the wood using 400 grit.  Don't use chemicals such as lacquer strippers on an acoustic guitar.  When the old finish is gone and the bare wood is prepped you need to re seal the wood.  I suggest using shellac.  You will need to mix your own from lack flakes and denatured alcohol (methylated spirit).  You can apply the shellac with liberally with a rag or you can use a spray gun.  Let the shellac dry for 2 to 3 days between coats and after the final coat you need to let it dry for a couple weeks.  Then use 400 grit sand it smooth.  Finally you can move to whatever finish you like.  Water based lacquer, shellac, cellulose lacquer, polyurethane,  and oil finishes.  All of these have different application needs and techniques will also change depending on whether you are using glossy lacquers or flat lacquer so if you go through with this then you will need to decide what finish you want and do some research on the proper technique to apply that specific type of finish.  Finally you are going to have to level the finish by wet sanding.  Start with 200 and work your way up to around 1000.  Once it's level you have to buff it until it shines if you choose to go with a glossy finish.  The tools you need will also depend of the finish you choose.  Some finishes require a lot of lint free rags and a lot of felt while other finishes require a spray gun.  You will also need a buffing wheel of some sort and a lot of free time.

I don't recommend you do any of this.  I think you should leave the guitar the way it is.
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