When I connect to the amp i don't get shocks, but when using preamp & i get sweaty hands, i get electric shocks on the strings. what should i do?

1) Should i cut the ground that's on the trem claw at the back of the guitar? (i'm thinking it would stop the flow of electricity from the pickups to the string. but i'm not really sure what will its conseqqqquence be beacuse i'm noob and don't know about electricity & electric guitars.
The pre-amp is not grounded properly, or the makers decided not to gound the signal input and its power supply has a leak. Get it looked at by a technician to find the error or try connecting the ground on its input jack to the ground on its output jack. If you have metal jack plugs you can try this crudely with a bit of wire between them, this connects your amp ground to your guitar. 
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That's really strange.  Do you have the 48V enabled?  That might be enough voltage to give you a tingle.  It's USB powered and that's only 5V.  I would suggest that you check the AC where your computer is plugged in, and make sure it's wired correctly.  Google to check polarity on AC for how to do it.

In order to get shocked you have to complete a circuit.  If the strings are "hot", then the question would be what other part of your body is "ground".  Are you standing in your bare feet on a concrete floor?  Is some other part of your body touching metal?  Get a voltmeter and measure from the strings to whatever it is that is the other end of the circuit and see how many volts you get.
You should consult with someone local to you that understands electrical stuff and can use a meter to figure out your problem.  A slight tingle can turn into a big shock if you just happen to be touching the wrong thing.