Hi guys I’m a third-year university student and I have released a single as part as my dissertation project for my final year and part for the criteria is to receive feedback on it, so any help would be much appreciated 
Here is the link to the you tube video  
Also on Spotify I tunes apple music and all other major download and streaming platforms 
thanks in advance  
Metal bands - do they ever release singles?
Is 4mins 25scs the right length for a single?

So did you want comments on the music or the mixing and production?
What sort of degree and which university teaches this?
The music and playing sounds good. I am not into "scremo" vocals. Can't understand a word of it so I can't review the lyrics. I know this is popular in many circles but it's not my thing. I like the music and the tempo changes. I also found it way to long. About 3/4 of the way through I abandoned ship. At that point the vocals overwhelmed me and not in a good way.  Still, nice playing, good recording. That's my review.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
I liked the recording quite a bit in terms of guitar and mixing of the instruments, except the vocals. The vocals didn't seem mixed too well for some reason to my ears. I'm huge into harsh vocals so that was a win in my opinion, however, it seemed too umm I think, it was like you slapped them onto the track rather than blending them in. You know what I mean? Like they stood out, and not in a very pleasant way. Other than that good, traditional sounding song, not that it's a bad thing, very well done in fact. Also I would appreciate it if you could check out my own thread since I see you're studying about these things and recording quite well and all.

EDIT: Don't get me wrong the vocals weren't half bad, they were nice, I'm referring to the overall sound. 
So, I agree with Ostracized
The vocals are the worst part, and are about 2-4dB too loud, and too difficult to tell what is being said. (not unusual for this style)

The drums and guitars sound very much like the the very centre of this metal style - which is a bad thing because there is nothing new to hear.

They are also so very precise that they sound like they are played on a computer instead of by real people - again the style is often like this.

The drums are a little too wide stereo wise, especially the cymbal.

After 2.20 it gets a bit better, with some more novel things, but still not good new riffs.

There you go, hope this helps.

(I used to mix live metal bands in the NWOBHM era)