Hi guys!
So a year ago I started practicing technical stuff (alternate picking, legato, tapping, etc...). This solo was a great challenge to me when I first wanted to learn it and, of course, I failed miserably. But a year later, I finally did it and it took me about 3-4 hours. I'm not a showoff, because I know a lot of you guys could kick my arse when it comes to playing guitar. But that's a good thing because you can judge me , so any feedback is more than welcome! It would be cool if you commented on the actual video on YouTube because I spend most of my time there!
P.S. The quality of the video is despicable.
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i liek ketz adn gitarz :3 \m/
Great solo, as most of Nuno´s stuff. Congratulations. Only suggestions would be trying a better lighting next time and making sure your entire guitar fits on the screen so we can see what you´re playing. 
Lardin Thanks buddy . I will try to improve the quality of my videos in the future .
i liek ketz adn gitarz :3 \m/
Lardin Already watched some of your YouTube videos . You rock man, but I've got some tips for you. I noticed when you bend a string, you only use one finger and because of that, the bend sounds a bit out of tune. So for example, when you bend with your third finger, try to bend the string with the first and second finger too. And the second tip is about your vibrato. Check out Satriani explaining how to do vibrato so it has an effect (this goes to Nutshell). Otherwise, great playing .
i liek ketz adn gitarz :3 \m/