So I'm looking to buy a used PRS guitar and modding it a bit so it can be an awesome riff machine. I'm currently trying to decide on either an Alinco Warpig or a Ceramic Nailbomb pickup. I like all the sounds the Warpig brings. But I like the idea from what I've heard is how pissed off the Nailbomb sounds. Also, which has a better sounding clean neck pickup?
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I've heard that Steve Stevens has "nailbomb" in one guitar, "mule" in another and uses the "VH2" in his Charvel San Dimas.

That said, he likes pickups where you simply roll off the volume and it cleans up.

You're likely after something more aggressive.

This is in addition to his signature "rebel yell" pickups that are in most of his guitars.
HowlerMonkey Oh okay. That's interesting, yeah I am into something more aggresive. Would you recomend the rebel yells for what I'm after? If it helps I usually like to play prog metal, so bands like DTP, Periphery, Strapping Young Ladd (if that's prog), and also more thrash metal stuff.
That's something I can't really answer as my experience with chasing tone is really small and is more me reading and listening.
Rebel yells won't be beefy enough for syl or periphery. You want cold sweats or nailbombs
Prs se Holcomb is the answer