So guys I have a question
I have a Gibson les Paul studio and I changed the pickups to active EMG's
Now do u think if I change it with a Ltd snakebyte (James hetfield signature) it'll be an upgrade?
Warning!! Personal opinion. Repeat. Personal opinion. I think EMG's sound like EMG's no matter what guitar you put them on. If you are happy with the feel and sound of your Gibson I would stick with it. If you put EMG's on an LTD they will sound like EMG's so I think it's a matter of how the guitar plays and feels. My opinion. 
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It's all down to whatever you personally prefer. If you prefer the feel of the LTD Snakebyte over your LP Studio, then go ahead with the trade.

You can't really consider one guitar an upgrade over the other. They're too different in too many ways to one another for any comparison to make sense.
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