need Some advice I have an acoustic guitar and a lot of the frets most at the sides are not flush with the wood , I can slide my feel gauge  in the gap which     reads 0025   /    .063mm   so its very small , tried tapping them down but they will not move ,   if this normal ? should I re fret? 
Quote by Tony Done
Reftetting is difficult DIY, and expensive if done in a shop. I they causing a problem? If not, I would leave as-is.

I would re fret the guitar myself  although I am busy but would get round to doing it  at some point,  there is a lot of  wear on at lest 7 of the frets and  some rust   so at the lest it would  probably need a level  and re crown ,  I picked it up at a car boot sale not in the best condition  not got any strings so have not tested it out .