Problem with alternate picking or hand coordinations? Try this and let me know! 20% of speed guarantee in a week!!

Hi, i am new of the forum.. Many people have problems with alternate picking and hand coordinations.

I have a diploma in classical guitar and always studied some flamenco stuff.. few years ago i was struggling with alternate picking because i had to change my right hand position due to a fall (biker) and i was surprised how those exercise work so good with alternate picking. 

I always use it with my students and all of them have great benefits and increase a lot their independence and speed with alternate picking. 

decided to make some tutorial and here i am… Sorry if sometimes my left hand is not so good, i am recovering from a frozen shoulder, i fall down with my motorbike 1 year ago and still have some pain and problems with my shoulder (ducati lover 8 )

You can find all the exercises on my channel..

This one in particular is a fraction 1/12 of my tutorial they are 12 exercise plus 24 with all the combinations of 1234. Hope you enjoy it and let me know if they will bring you benefits.. i’m sure about it!

Yeah, no.  This is considered advertising by the forum rules; if you want to post lessons on UG there's a whole section of the site and system for doing that.  The rule here is that posting links to your own lesson content is acceptable if it's in direct response to someone's question.

Also on a personal level: I have serious problems with, and objections to, any guarantees about speed.
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