Have recently retired and have a bit of time on my hands and want to add to my guitars and fancy a project. I appreciate that buying a kit for £75 - 120 will not necessarily get me the best materials but will at least give me somewhere to start having very little woodworking skills. I have a Fender Standard Stratocaster (single coils) and an Epiphone Blueshawk (with P90's). Not sure whether to go for a Tele style with humbucker in neck or a PRS style with humbuckers.I have a pair of Epiphone Alnico Classics from a mates upgrade.

Anyone any thoughts or suggestions as to Tele or PRS and any experiences of buying kits in the UK?
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I think there is a paradox here, the same as for inexpensive guitars - inexperienced builders/tinkerers/whatever might be better off buying fairly high up the scale rather than at the bottom where a lot of fitting and fixing might be required to make it work. I've gone in for modding cheapos rather than kits, so I can't offer any specific advice, but I personally would be thinking about biulding a good custom bitsa, based on Warmoth parts rather than a cheap kit. I reckon I could buy and mod a hock shop special for less than the cost of a reasonable kit.
I'm in the UK and I built a Tele kit a few years back. (build thread)

I broke a string on that guitar while I was putting it together.  Despite having a nice new set of Ernie Balls I still haven't restrung it and it's not been picked up in three years.  Disgraceful.

The kit is an excellent way of getting everything you need extremely cheaply, but as Tony says, it's not always going to slot straight together and be ace.

I am just about to embark on building a Jim Root Tele clone for my step-son (even the Squire's too expensive for a drummer ) and it'll be a 'partscaster', the only woodworking I'll be doing is routing the body.
To be fair, if you get a pre-routed body, parts builds are no harder than a kit.  Early indications are it'll set me back about £200 (+ time).

Having said that, a kit may just be the gateway drug you need to get you going.

Finally, if you're a fan of sanding (and as a guitar builder you really need to be), this might end up being a bargain.  There's always intereseting stuff sloshing around on eBay.