Can you suggest guitars the fit the following requirements. Intended genre is prog metal.
  • 6 strings
  • thin neck (I have a few Ibanezes and that's about right. I have a Les Paul and hate it)
  • low friction neck (I love my RGs and American Standard Tele for this)
  • flattish fretboard (I'm used to Ibanez 400mm radius but actually have really enjoyed Jackson 16"-12" compound radius)
  • fixed bridge (not an absolute requirement but I like the simplicity for bridge adjustments and ability to quickly move between low E and drop D)
  • hot pickups, perhaps active EMGs. Coil split could be a nice bonus for extra versatility.
  • evil looks (based on  your definition)
  • solid construction, especially neck/fret finish is important to me, and good components
  • normal scale length (25.5 or perhaps 24.75)
  • around $1000 price tag and I can buy slightly used/open box to get to that price point

All suggestions appreciated!
Check out the Jackson Pro line. There's several models that fit your list. Something like a Pro King V or a Pro Rhoads if you like cool shapes.
Thanks - I went with a gunmetal gray Jackson Misha Monsoor Pro model. Ticks all the boxes in my spec above.