I like the variety of the nighthawk, and the look and humbuckers of the G-400. I have played the G-400, both the vintage and 1966 version. So which one is better in terms of quality, value for money, and best tone. I will be running it through a Boss Katana, so pedals are basically any pedal I need.
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Whichever one is better is which ever one you prefer. They both aren't really similar at all and aren't comparable. The G-400 has a thicker neck, less switching options and is a different shape and weight in comparison. The only thing they have in common is a few wood choices and the headstock. 

Try them both and buy what you like. I would personally lean to the nighthawk because of the versatility but I also have a ton of guitars so its not my only one that I have to worry about playing all the time. 
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I agree with H4T3BR33D3R, being substancially different guitars it's really up to your preference. If you're buying from a physical store, if possible, take your amp with you and try both. What does feel better to you? What do you think would be more useful in your guitar collection?
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After actually spending a bit of quality time sampling both I would easily pick the Nighthawk. I was totally put off by the looks at first but it grew on me, feels and plays right. Just my preference, means nothing really, get the one you like the best.
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Hawk' if you want a 25.5 (Fender)scale with some pup variation and the G-400 if you want a 24.7 (Gibson) scale all around Rocker.