Something I wrote quite a while ago. Not an actual recording, but I uploaded a Guitar Pro capture to YouTube a couple of months ago and thought to put this here. It should have drums but currently there aren't any, and it was supposed to be the first part of a 3 "movement" (sorry for the pretentiousness) composition, but I have  gotten to those yet as well...

Enjoy. Or not. Maybe you should actually suffer...
It's ok to be pretentious sometimes :p

A very interesting listen. A little rough around the edges in the beginning but I feel that it got better as the song progressed. I especially liked the parts around 6:30 and 8:25. The transition at 9:40 was really smooth. Keep writing!

C4C (also an old song that was written in guitar pro): https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1759748