I love the guitar sound on this song and I want to know what effects pedals I need to sound somewhat like this.
The basic keys to that are an amp wit a good clean channel, a good Echo/Reverb/Delay pedal, and a guitar with a good clean tone. Usually, that will be some kind of singlecoil- Strat or Tele style, usually, but P90s and others would also work. Some humbuckers could pull it off as well.
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^That's most of it covered. The main thing I'd add is that I'm pretty sure there's a dotted note delay on the intro part. In that case what you ideally would want is a delay with a tap tempo and, to make your life easier, ideally tap tempo and switchable beat subdivisions. Besides that, you probably want a reverb as well as that delay, because the delay working in that setup doesn't really function as a general purpose echoey sound. A compressor is potentially useful when working with such clean sounds, too, but not essential.
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I like that song.  Yep, a clean amp with a dotted 8th delay and maybe a compressor.  I'm thinking a digital delay as I don't think I hear a lot of modulation on the repeats, but it would sound great with any good delay. 
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