Moderator elections on Ultimate Guitar Forum!

Do you want to make some changes we believe in? Do you really love UG and want to make it better? Then this is your chance. It’s time for the moderator elections!

Each (almost) subforum will get a new moderator and you decide who it’s going to be.
The elections have 3 stages.

Here are some hints for you on how to make a first step to becoming a moderator.
- Candidates who want to participate in elections must nominate themselves in corresponding threads.
- Candidates must nominate themselves in one subthread only.
- Candidates must nominate themselves within two days starting today (apply till 12.08).

You'll have to persuade users, why you're the one who deserves to be a moderator. You're free to promise profound advice and help to inexperienced users, or just things like fun monthly activities and crazy wallpapers. Users can ask you questions about your opinion on controversial subjects etc. The campaign will last for 5 days.

Election day!
Each subforum will get a voting poll.
Winners get a moderator status, glory, respect, love, and help from UG in organizing special events.


Aug 10 - Elections announcement
Aug 12 - Deadline for nominations
Aug 18 - Elections 
Aug 21 - Counting votes
Aug 22 - Results

Basic eligibility for running:
- Account must be more than three months old
- Must have more than 180 posts
- Applicants must have a clear record for the last three months (no bans).



How long are the terms this time around?
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How long are the terms this time around?

Was it like, a year since last time? That would be my guess. 
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Shura_FYI, why can't we nominate posters who might be interested? 

It could be slightly better than self-nominations.

wouldn't it be better to find out first. not everyone has the time or inclination to do this. i have no life and a job that allows me to be here all the time. if that wasn't the case then i wouldn't have gone up for it in the first place. 
Ippon you can ) it's actually will be interesting if you nominate someone, then create a campaign for this user  =) 
If he/she wins it's still up to user to color username, but in all this situation you will be his/her PR/campaign manager. 

K33nbl4d3 First time we thought it will be 6 months, then prolong it to 1 year. This time will bу a year =) 
Quote by Ippon
Shura_FYI, why can't we nominate posters who might be interested? 

It could be slightly better than self-nominations.

yeah. i was thinking that anyone who didn't want to do it, if nominated by someone else, could turn it down. but maybe that would still be unfair pressure on them, and they might be scared of looking ungrateful.
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