Guitar pro has a terrible soundbank for the toms. I can't actually hear them. Their sound is very low comparing it to every other drum bear. It is like a gap in the drum sequence inside a song. Is there any way to fix that?
I am not aware if the "real sound engine" v2.0 corrected that...
Is it any way to fix it manually? Or a better soundbank to check?
I have the same experience with them. The only thing I can suggest is manually increasing the velocity of the tom hits (FFF) if they aren't already. This means the sampler will play them back at the hardest possible hit.

I don't usually bother with this because I export my drums from GP and program them in a DAW.
Random3 Yup I export em too. But I would like to fix the sound for some help when I compose inside GP6.

About the increase of  the velocity of the tom hits (FFF). How can I make it. I searched for it and I couldn't find how to do it. If it is an increase only to the tomes and not the other beats it would be fine.
On the left where you have the five menus you can select, pick the top one where you can enter note info like duration, bends, harmonics etc. The options for velocity are, in order of quietest to loudest, PPP, PP, P, MP, MF, F, FF, FFF. I haven't done this specifically with toms but I know for a fact you can change the velocity of individual notes so there is no reason why this shouldn't work, unless of course you already have everything set to FFF.
Oh very sweet. It helps a lot, thank you very much. In case anyone else has any other opinion about this, please inform this topic