Quick opinions- I'm looking at the PRS SE Standard 22 and 24...I'm undecided on which would be better for me. They're very similar, the biggest differences being the 24 has a trem, thinner neck, and different pickups. I'm looking to get a tone like Pete Loeffler from Chevelle. He plays mostly in drop tunings, like Drop C (CGCFAD). I'm not looking to get into a baritone guitar, I want something more versatile than that. 

Also, what gauge strings would you recommend for Drop C tuning? I normally use 9-42, so I know I need a bigger gauge that that for the lower tunings.
are you talking 2017 models?  the 2016 custom 22 with the hard tail is what i chose.  i didn't need/want a trem, and having 22 frets instead of 24 gets the pickups spaced out a little more for a bigger variety of tone.  with that said, I own 6 prs guitars and love them all.  so get the one that you like.
I use 11 - 49 on my 6 string set in drop C. It seems to do pretty well.
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