i use a 6 string 25.5 scale length
right now i use 12 16 24p 32 44 56 for drop b, i want to go to drop  a
im thinking about using ghs boomer 7 string which is 9 11 16 26 32 44 62, i dont want to go too thick because then it might not fit in the tuner
i like the sound of kind of loose strings but would the ghs boomer set be too thin?
i have tried tuning down the 12 16 24p 32 44 56 to standard b and it seems to work
A lot of this is personal preference. Outside of that your guitar is also relevant. I personally like a low action and loose strings so if it were me doing it I'd use my Ibanez RG and I would probably start out trying 10-52 or something. For many people that would probably be way too loose but that's what I like. I haven't played in drop A in a long time, however, so it's likely i wouldn't be entirely satisfied.
As others have said, it's personal preference. Generally, I don't do the Low-B on Drop B (6 string) lower than 56, or 59 with 7-strings, and this is mostly because of what sets are available. I did try Drop A at one point and it was okay, but I'd probably find a dedicated set if I was using that as my main tuning.

There's not a wrong answer (okay a 7-38 set might not do the job), but best is subjective. I use 10-46 or 11-49 sets for Drop C tuning, while others use 12-60, which seems to be common with those using a Floyd Rose while I have hard tail or TOM bridges. It's going to be trial and error, and unless you're changing strings weekly with Elixirs, it's probably not going to be that expensive.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
reaming a tuner out is not a big deal.

also do you want a wound G?

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