Does this little thing have enough gain to get into metal territory? Been searching, havent come up with many answers.
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Hi, I'd say it depends on what kind of metal, but it is not as high gain as say Blackstar HT Metal... However you can always use booster/overdrive with it. I think that what matters the most is whether Marshall sound is what you are going for.

Check out this video, it is not in english, but you can get good picture what amps ultra gain channel can do ..
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DSL breaks up extremely fast. 2-3 on the gain channel and after that you are into extreme metal. I have to dial it back to play normal heavy metal at about the 2.5 setting. What you need is a Boss SuperOverdrive SD-1 to tighten the sound like a booster and you have something. I would say however that a DSL40c is worth saving up for. You can them second hand for the price of a new 15c.
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