Hello all,

I received a Jerry Cantrell Wah Pedal today and there's a problem with it. When it is activated, there's a very loud and obnoxious white-noise hissing sound. The wah function works fine, but this noise makes it pretty much unusable .
Will Lane I was using a brand new 9V battery I bought today. The hiss is tolerable on the clean setting, but when I use distortion the tone goes to hell. 
may be a bad jack or a bad pot. the other thing  it might be is rf interference. my old early 70s Cry-Baby used to pick up all kinds of signals 
monwobobbo Thanks...So should I try moving the pedal and amp somewhere else? As shown in the clip, the hiss goes completely away when the pedal is bypassed, so I don't think it's a bad jack. 
poochypooch  ok then its either a pot or interference.  you can give that a try and see what happens though. try a different place to plug it in an see if it is electrical in nature as well. 
OK, I moved my amp and pedal to a completely different room with absolutely no electric equipment around it. Lo and behold...the problem remained. I'm going to cross my fingers and wait for my Voodoo 2+ to arrive and hopefully solve the problem. 
did you buy the wah second hand? with my crybaby i had to adjust the gear that connects to the pot and back it off a little because it went very high.Is it possible you are hearing static electricity from the floor if you're on carpet?
poochypooch  well i can't be positive that that is the issue but it sounds that way to me. start with the cleaner and see if it helps. 
I would start with deoxit, that shit works wonders.

BUT it wouldn't surprise me if it was a bad pot.
New pot on the way...I've always wanted to learn how to solder and now's the perfect opportunity. 
Quote by poochypooch
New pot on the way...I've always wanted to learn how to solder and now's the perfect opportunity. 

Might be a good idea practicing soldering pieces of wire together first. You can damage components from overheating them (taking too long soldering), but really potentiometers aren't really sensitive to that so it shouldn't be a problem.