Does anyone know of a drop tune pedal that is capable of drop tuning by a half step (to drop c#) ? I play in drop d so that's why it has to be a half step down.
Digitech Drop. Drops by half steps. It's awesome.
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I would suggest the Digitech Whammy DT. Not only it can drop tune your guitar a half step or a whole, but it has a whammy/harmony feature. I've had mine for years and i can go djent when my guitar is on standard tuning.
I use the Drop on stage all the time. IMHO it has the best tracking for this purpose. It easily does 1/2 and 1 step drops.
Pitch wise, the drop and DT are similar/the same in accuracy. Haven't used the drop but had the DT for a while; no glitchyness but with distorted channels it dulls the tone a bit. Some gain seems lost, high end too from what I remember. Might not be too bad at only a half step but still something to account for.
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