I have a Pedaltrain pedalboard.  Whats the deal with getting the velcro to stick to the pedals?  Im getting tired of opening the bag to find that all the velcro has come off the pedals.  The surface is cleaned before i put on the velcro, but it doesn't seem to want to stay stuck.  Tips?  I know the velcro the comes with Pedaltrain boards is not the best, so what is a reliable velcro to use?
I haven't had that problem. What are you cleaning the pedals with before applying the Velcro?
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I think you just need better velcro then. Go for a name brand like Scotch or 3M. I think the stuff I use may have been some other brand, but I can't remember what it was now.
recent stock of PedalTrain velcro really really sucks. Buy a roll of the name brand stuff at Home Depot. No more issues. 
I use the industrial stuff from Lowes. Works great.
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