Not only electric guitar i love both world.. as from title just me playing some Bach... BTW i posted this before in another section (promote your band) but probably i shouldn't can somebody help me? i'm new here and i don't know how to delete the other post. Thanks!

That's gorgeous! Your touch and tone sound flawless.
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I'm pretty sure the Bible requires that you play through a tube amp in Texas.
PlusPaul Thanks Paul, i'm new on the forum and i always post in the wrong section, nobody scold me so maybe this time probably i did it right.. i've a couple more playing classical, if you want go check my channel.  BTW i like this "I'm pretty sure the Bible requires that you play through a tube amp in Texas" 
That is actually very well done, I like the way you've chosen to place the melodies, it really lets them shine instead of just taking the easy path over several strings which ruins the line with inequality across the notes. The voices all come out fairly good, everything is nice and audible instead of just focusing on the top-melody, (I like that very much, good ears!) And the interpretation is fairly good as well, just be careful with the glissando's, you seem to have a tendency to slide towards notes sometimes, which is alright when playing something more romantic or otherwise more modern, but it doesn't really have a place in Bach. At least, not if you want to provide what is generally considered a stylistically faithful interpretation of baroque pieces. Still, very well done. And nice cats.
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FretboardToAsh Thanks! My intent with my fingering was to reproduce the sound of a cello and yes, for purist i know it could b wrong how i play it but that's how i like it and how i like to play. Always had a love & hate relation with Bach because it should be played as a fridge to make a right interpretation. After i finished school i said fuxx i play music as i want it.