I need help with wiring this configuration.  

I'm not really concerned with using the 5-way toggle.  I'm not really concerned with the neck pickup working at all either.

I would like to have the bridge pickup and the "added" bass pickup both wired for the first way of the toggle.

I'd appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks.
You might have to be a bit more specific about what you're after. Putting speech marks around a word is often an indication that you are not using that word's normal meaning. So are you adding a bass pickup, or not? Is that instead of one of the existing pickups, or as well as? I'm also not sure what 'LOCAL H' means, but maybe that's unimportant.

If I were to guess it sounds like you're replacing the middle pickup with a bass pickup and then wiring it and the bridge pickup to the first position of the toggle switch.

What should the other positions on the switch do? You say you're not concerned with using it, so maybe you should just bypass it and hook the pickups directly to the volume/tone controls.

Notice how long I've managed to resist asking why you want to put a bass pickup on your guitar?
It sees one of the guys in the band Local H has Frankensteined his Strat to kluge a bass pickup under the lowest 2 strings.

I imagine th effect is similar to that achieved by the 7 & 8'string guitars Charlie Hunter gets from Novax, or those that Wes Lambe builds...but uglier, and probably without actually using bass strings or a separate output for them.
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Ah. Apologies for showing my ignorance. I'd never heard of Local H.
This article was quite informative: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/video-local-hs-scott-lucas-on-his-unique-guitar-bass-setup-564205

It seems he does have it wired to a separate output, which makes sense as at the end of the day a bass pickup is still just a pickup and it will only sound like the strings you put it under unless you single it out and process it differently. In Harry's case I can't see it making much of a difference.

Right. I'm off to watch some Local H videos and see what the fuss is about.

Edit: OK, this video is useful, too.

He's got "a little bit of octave" going on the bass signal, so unless you have a separate out for the pickup you'll need to split it some other way if you want to replicate their sound. And to be honest, if you're doing that there's little point in the extra pickup. But I understand if it's something you want to do.

If you want the look, go for it. If you want the sound, an Electro Harmonix micro POG will get you most of the way there.
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Thanks for the replies.  Right now I run the Strat through an AB switch with a graphic equalizer on the bass signal.  If I bypass the toggle altogether, then how should I wire everything to the volume/tone controls?  Note:  I will be adding a second input jack for the bass pickup.
The simplest solution woud be to wire the bass pickup directly to the second jack. Of course, that won't let you adjust its volume at all. I suppose you could do that with your EQ, but if you want to be able to do it from your guitar then you'll have to have a second volume pot. If you're starting from a standard Vol/Tone/Tone strat I would ditch the second tone control and turn it into a volume for the bass pickup - like this.
von Layzonfon

Or you could put a volume pedal in the "bass" pedalboard.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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I got curious about this, so I decided to try this with my Variax (JTV-89F). I've had a setup for a long time with an older Variax 700 Acoustic that allowed me to run the two bottom strings an octave down with the four upper strings set normally, using the alternate tuning features of the Variax guitar. The intent was to allow me to run two strings of bass while fingerpicking with other acoustic players.

Line 6 has models of the JTV'89F's pickups that sound exactly like the magnetic pickups, but which are part of the modeling setup. When I use the guitar with the Helix, and the VDI cable, I can send both magnetic pickup and Variax electronics (from piezo pickups) to the Helix as two separate streams that can be combined. So you can set the Variax side of things to duplicate the magnetic pickups but with the first two strings tuned an octave down, while the magnetic pickups are normal. Then you can blend the two to any degree that you like. In fact, you can set up a preset that will have the blend that you like the best and turn it on and off OR you can set the tone control on the Variax to blend the two on the guitar.