I'm new to ultimate-guitar but I've been a lurker for nearly a decade.  Anyways I signed up to ask a question in regards to wiring customization.  Is it possible to replace a pickup selector with buttons??  

I have squier strat with two humbuckers I would like to mod.  It's got a 3 way pickup selector, and again, I was wondering if it were possible to replace the 3-way switch with 3 buttons.  How I would like it to work is; on the selector I have now, the rear position runs the bridge pickup, mid runs both, and forwards runs the neck.  Is it possible to replace that with 3 buttons, in which, it would work identically, but you hit the button instead of moving the selector?  I.e. press the rear button, activates the bridge, then hit the middle button and switches to both pickups, then I hit the front, and switches to neck.  Essentially working exactly the same but with buttons instead of the selector?

Sorry if my question is confusing, I have little knowledge into what can or can't be done in regards to wiring, and modding the electronic of a guitar.

Thanks for your time ultimate-guitar,

I can see how you might make it work with two detent push buttons; one for each pickup, allowing it to be switched on or off. But it sounds like you want a bank of three old-school radio buttons where activating one automatically deactivates the other two and I'm not sure where you'd get that sort of switch these days.