Hi guys, 2 songs to review here!

Me (the drummer) and the frontman both write seperatly for the band and then bring to practice to work on as a band. These two songs are prime examples of seperate work!

Take a listen and tell us what you think 😃

Thank you
I like them both. They're both quite catchy, although I'd say got to go just about pulls in front. One thing I would say, both have intro's that are a longi ish. Whilst it's only about 30 seconds, dont get caught in the trap of the long intro for every song - sometimes you want something that just punches straight away. 

Good of work though - subscribed to YouTube channel - if you keep this up, I'll be a happy chappie! 

Both of them sound great! I agree with Darth on most of it - sometimes a quicker intro is a better fit (you could probably halve Maybe Baby's intro and still sound good), but neither sound out of place at all.
This is mainly a preference thing, but I'd say the attack of the pad synth during the verses of Got To Go could be a bit quicker. Other than that, I'm definitely adding both to a spotify playlist!

Here's something of mine to critique:
heaven086 Only "Got to Go" was visible to me.  Catchy riff and vocals. Sounds very professional. Much more pro than a lot of stuff on here.  I wish the vocal track was just bit higher in the mix so I could make out all the words.  Otherwise I think you guys got it.

This may not be your style, but would you give my latest a listen? 
Thanks for the replys! Ill have a listen to your guys tracks and give em a review 😎