I never noticed this until Rocksmith came out, but why in the world is tab layed out upside down? Rocksmith allows you to flip the fretboard to be a mirror image, which intuitively makes more sense. I tried it this way, and quickly switched it back. After 23 years, my brain flips it on its own quite nicely! Some people say "oh, that's how it looks from the playing position"., and some (like me) see it the other way, no biggie. I do think the typical beginner would perceive a mirror image to be more intuitive, although I personally don't recall ever having an issue with this. But I've heard some beginners complain. Now, having said this, I'm glad its upside down. I can only imagine how much harder it would have been to learn traditional notation if I had been used to the low notes being on the top. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced this is the reason. Because it IS a great reason. I do feel sorry for the beginners who learn from Rocksmith, using the mirror-image option thinking it makes things easier. Because when they are ready to advance to written tab and traditional notation, it's probably going to take a few days before they get used to the string/pitch order! Fortunately, I started playing back in 92, but if Rocksmith had been around, I'm sure I'd have flipped it out of newbie cluelesness.
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  and tablature is meant to be a physical representation, not a musical representation 

Only if you choose to believe that.
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Only if you choose to believe that.

Thanks for pointing that out, it IS just a matter of perception.