Isnt It You
Type - Power
Part - Whole Song
Tuning - Standard

Channel 5 was a real highlight in German pop history, since these guys from Hamburg had a very fine 80s pop style!

"The Colour of the Moment" was their debut album, and it's also one of my three favourite albums in general. In this thread I'd like to request the first track of this album, which is called "Isn't It You" and has a length of 4:27.

A Guitar Pro tab for this song already exists, but unfortunately it contains only the guitar. Anyway, requests are currently not possible for already existing tab types, and therefore I request a Powertab version, which would also work fine for UG's Tab Pro features.

It would be great, if this tab would contain all instruments of the original tune.

If you tab this request and also have the opportunity to upload it as a Guitar Pro file, please do so. But if not, I'll also be very happy with only the Powertab version.

If you'd also like to see this song in the UG database, please upvote this request, to make sure that it will not disappear from the request list until it's completed.