Being that I don't have a Guitar Center locally, I have to order my gear online....so I bought an ibanez guitar. I found one for $200 that looks really nice, so I called Guitar Center before I ordered just to make sure it really was in great condition and it definitely was.....The guitar is 10 years old, so it has a few years on it....but here is what gets me. It has mahogany body and a set neck....for $200? with those options for $200  is that even possible to get a mahogany body and a set neck in a guitar for 200? or dis i buy a piece of junk?....it's not here yet, it will be here Wednesday
What model? Keep in mind that many guitars are labelled as made of mahogany but aren't exactly made of the mahogany that you think (if it all except on a tecnicallity).
I doubt that when it comes to used guitars, wood and construction type is a factor in determining price. Neither mahogany or set neck is some special or expensive option. If GC wants $200 used, if it were available new, I figure it would cost $500-$600, and for that price there are plenty mahogany set neck guitars out there, heck, you can even get neck-throughs for that price.
it's a korean ibanez. it should be ok. 200 is a little high on the used side for them right now but not bad.
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