Going to have this one up only for a limited time since we're going to record it professionally and release it in the future most likely.



Black leather around your neck,
The best necklace I've seen you wear,
Your grasp on me it sinks too deep,
And I lust, to escape,

Claw through skin like the dirt,
My bloody fingers can't feel the hurt,
Breathe in the air around me,
And I'm yours, forever more.

Pull me in,
Pull me in,

Hold me tightly to your breast,
Pull me closer and don't let go,
It's getting harder and harder to breathe,
And I am, --- rage,

Secrets buried in the flesh,
The deepest layer it knows best,
In the dark we are alone,
And I'm yours, Satan's spawn,

Pull me in,
Pull me in


It's generally a metaphor for the feeling of being trapped in a relationship. You are in a coffin underground trying to get out, the soil is flesh, the suffocation from a lack of air is being smothered. The giving in to lust, rage, and Satan is just the morally wrong acts you might do if you find yourself unable to get the courage to get out of the relationship and begin new ones regardless (ie.. you fuck around).
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Hello and thanks for taking the time to comment on my track.

This is well written and recorded. I'm not exactly a huge fan of the style of music so I cant really comment too much on that aspect. I think the mix is generally pretty good but I would say a couple of things. The "Pull Me In" vocals are a little quiet in the mix and could do with being brought up higher in my opinion. I also think the compression on the kick drum is a bit too much - I can really hear the sucking noise as it comes in and out. I suspect that you were probably going for a bit of that noise but for me it was a bit too much. Other than that it seems really clean and clear and well produced.