I busted a string and decided to restring the whole guitar because my strings were grimy and disgusting from a month or so of use. Anyway, I spent a couple hours trying to figure out how to level out my floyd rose...the damn thing was always nosediving toward the pickups, and when I used the tension spring screws to correct the issue, I would run out of screw before I could tune the guitar up to standard. I made sure to block the thing every time I retuned the strings, and I still experienced problems.  I know this is nothing new in the world of floating bridge trems, but could anyone help me out here? 
It's best to replace strings one at a time with a FR instead of removing all at once. Add a forth spring if you got the screws all the way against the body of the guitar. While you tune, don't go in order bit skip a string. 
dthmtl3 It seems I need a forth spring....I got the guitar perfectly in tune, but the f*****g bridge was still at nearly a 45 degree angle even with the screws driven in all the way. Is there a certain pattern I should put the springs in if there's four of them?
dthmtl3 OK. Thanks a bunch. I just figured out that this problem happened because I'm going to a much heavier gauge of strings. I got some springs on the way, so all I can do is wait I guess.