Definitely hear the Floyd influence in the chord progressions there. Picking up a little Les Claypool in the vocals, specifically like in Over the Falls. In some parts they're a little out place, and I get that singing solidly in key isn't really the sound you're going for here, but there are some sour notes hit in a few places that could be worked on (not that I can sing at all).

The atmosphere of the track is cool and kinda funny, almost as if you recorded this in some 1970s living room with the TV on in the background.
Hi dude, I feel you passion for music! Thanks for the review on my song. I do think you need some work on your vocals to help the song flow better and also the drums they seem a little messy, But I can understand that cuz programming drums is a freaking nightmare! I like the tone of your heavey riffs and also the slow picking parts! Overall I think room for improvement but I does sound good
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: I read the lyrics. A friend of mine and his father were killed in a small plane crash over 40 years ago. Perhaps a year earlier they invited me to fly with them, but my parents wouldn't let me (I was around 15 years old at the time, and mad at my parents because I had an interest then in becoming a pilot). How was I going to be a pilot if I was not going to be allowed to fly in a small plane? Anyway, I definitely heard elements of PF in your song between the acoustic guitar (nice audio), background talking, and heartbeat. I might have used a little less guitar distortion in that one part. Otherwise, everything sounded very good instrumentally. This is probably the best singing I've heard you do as far as pitch control goes. Good vocal melodies. Good tune. Perhaps you've heard me tell this story before: Todd Krause works in Fender's Custom Shop, and builds the $4000 David Gilmour and Eric Clapton Fender Strats that duplicate their famous originals: Todd's been in Fender videos advertising those guitars. I went to high school with him. Back in 1983 he was the bouncer at my first club gig, by chance. We follow one another on Facebook, and I run into him at high school reunions.

Perhaps you could review my other tune on the same thread (unless you don't like it), and I will return the favor for one of your tunes I have yet to review.

Really enjoyable man, I loved the real fuzzy tone at 1:40, definitely heard the pink floyd influence in the whole song. As tm1776 said, vocals sounded quite distant but other than that, it was really well done.