UG IQ Contest is back, and this time the sponsor is D'Addario.

We have 5 packs to give away. All prizes include a set of Nickel Bronze 10-46 strings and a Humidipak System.

Instead of the Olympic systems, where the top contributors grab the prizes, this time it is enough to be on the Top 100 Authors list to have a chance to win one of D'Addario packs.

Five lucky winners will be selected randomly from Top 100 Authors list and announced on Sept 5th.

So, all you need is to gain as much UG IQ as you can during Aug 20 - Sept 2.

The contest is over and the lucky winners are





Tone Jones

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participating!
I like this new kind of contest. Let's see how it turns out.
Really like this new format, hoping this type of format applies to future contests (perhaps a smaller pool of top 10 for larger prizes such as acoustic/electric guitars)
This kind of system is way better, now people will contribute more knowing that they don't need to spend their whole day gaining IQ.
How does this thing Works ??!?!
I think this is a great idea and hope it is on this format moving forward,just saying :-)
guillermopeitto Hi, the list of winners was added to the first post. Once again, congratulations to josh-josh-josh, Shaun_Herholdt, Verosia, jackleigh918, and Tone Jones.