today we finished our new album and released the first single: The Coin Has Two Sides
The Album is a mixture from different genres like Rock, Folk and some Post-Rock elements.We recorded everything ourselfs and produced the whole album.
It has a dark and haunting athmospere and i really hope you'll give it a listen. 


Feel free to comment!
Greetings from Bavaria
moodsmaster hi,
have a listen your single till the end.
not boring.
good chord chain i hear, your music is well developed.
singer has a really nice voice.
mix and mastering is good for me, 'cos it not destroed with much compression.
so, overall it s pretty well for me, and it's rare ))) i'm Beethoven fan ))
good luck, 
cheers from Ukraine.
OK, not a bad song.

I think I would have got rid of more of the ssssss on the vocals in the first half. There are some parts where the acoustic guitar sounds un-natrally loud and in many parts of the second half the vocals are in my opinion too loud compared with the instruments.