Or the so-called unconscious or unconscious in man, a concept that refers to several elements composed of the human personality, some may be aware of the human part of the same and composition, and others remain hidden in the consciousness, and schools of thought did not agree on a precise concept of this part, but the subconscious is The metaphorical name of the place of storage of the human experiences forgotten by psychological repression, without reaching the memory, and stimulates the subconscious behavior by its own internal engines, it is the repository of pent-up experiences and psychological and sexual and instinctive energy.

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Read Carl Jung and learn how to stare at a wall for 20 minutes. Also check out Wim Hof. And look up how to get the most out of lucid dreams, psychologytoday has some good info, maybe /r/luciddreaming or whatever else is on the internet these days. /THREAD
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This is kind of unrelated but an interesting watch regardless:

Some think of the unconscious as nerve bundles and whatnot (not making up its own version of consiousness, and dreams just being nonsensical electrical signals), but based on some lucid dreams and personal experience I think it's more of a 'you' then others can prove in research and other nerd stuff. Not to think of it as a separate entity, but like "background you"
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i wish that i felt more comfortable (subconsciously) masturbating at work: the fat lard thread

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There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
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you're just a diogenerate

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You know, words are like knives sometimes theo

they are dull when being exchanged with you?
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
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they are dull when being exchanged with you?

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Fucking meditate a lot and think about nothing when doing so. Being alone with your thoughts is the best way to get to know and control yourself, but some of those thoughts might be disturbing at first. This is just your shadow self. You need to embrace this as part of your journey.
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there are four steps...

step 1: read psycho cypernetics, the self help book that teaches you how to use your machine.

PM me for the rest of the steps
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one good place to start is learning to breath. your body already knows how to do this so youre dont need to worry. really, just keep it cool.
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As opposed to your outer mind???

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I'm of the school that with trained self-awareness you can be aware of anything "subconscious" about your mind, at the very least you can be aware of what is subconscious and recognize it (even if you don't understand why it is what it is).
I do presume this is highly dependent on the development of your brain though. If you experienced traumatic events, or had stunted/arrested brain development, this may not be possible. If you are in a situation that conditions your mental activity it may also not be possible. E.g you are having lots of stress; you are starving; living in a fight vs flight situation; you have a mental condition (e.g depression, ADHD, etc); etc.

There should be no reason for you to have some hidden emotion, or a hidden impulse, or a hidden personality trait that you are not aware of. If you ever experienced that emotion, take a deep breath and think about it: What was it? Why did you feel it? Where did it come from? Can you explain it? If you ever felt a certain desire/drive/attempt to do an action/etc, do the same.

Do the same with your thoughts, there shouldn't be any thought you have that you don't understand why you had it nor you can't control. At any point you should be able to completely stop any train of thought you have and decide if you want to resume it or not. You should also try to be in a state of mind where all of this is possible (so, for instance, strive for zero stress)

Of course I can't prove anything and this is more or less a hunch. Can't even say I do it successfully with myself; I like to think I try, but I can't be sure if it's not some Dunning-Kruger type of thing. Maybe all of what I posted above is full of crock, even if it feels right based on my experience. You can always read more about psychology and neurology and cross-reference it with your own experience