Hi everyone, I recently ordered the dimebag pickup set for my Jackson JS32 Kelly, and was looking for tips.
Basically, I'd like a whole new look for the guitar. It has a gloss finish over the snow white paint job, with a black floyd rose.  I was thinking it'd look cool if I were to paint it black, and spray a little blue or purple over that and put some plastic wrap over it to get a cool looking texture, but I'm also scared I'll ruin the guitar, plus I don't want to take all the electronics out because although I learned enough about soldering in school to remove the wires, I wouldn't trust myself to re-install all the components.

So my other painting idea was that I sand off just the beveled edges and paint that black, so it would look like this model: http://www.capitolguitars.com/content/images/thumbs/0005074_jackson-x-series-kelly-kexmg.png

Basically, if you had never altered your guitar before, would you rather do the outline so you could leave the electronics in and simply cover them up, or would you remove them, sand the whole body and paint it, then have somebody install everything for you? I also have a little 3/4 size guitar that's already screwed up pretty bad, so I can practice on that.

I know a lot of people reading this will disagree with putting high end pickups in a cheap guitar, and with my painting ideas, but I've had this guitar for 10 months already and know that it's what I want and I'm totally excited to make it my own monster.
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I've got nothing against expensive pickups in cheap guitars, but the kind of refinish you are talking about is pretty adventurous for someone who isn't confident about removing and reinstalling the eloctronics. I would be looking at other, easier options, like vinyl wrap or stickers.
This is entirely dependent on your desires and skills. You're talking about two entirely different paint jobs and only you know which of those you really want.

However as one of them is dependent on stripping and then refitting all the hardware then it's also dependent on your soldering skills (mostly). The actual technicalities of hooking everything back up are quite straightforward, but soldering is definitely an acquired skill that takes some practice.

If you're changing the pickups anyway then disassembling and redoing the whole lot isn't much extra work. If you've got a junker to practice on then practice until you're confident you're up to the job.

So far as the paint job is concerned, that's purely aesthetic and the worst you can do is make it look crap. And the absolute worst case scenario is that you end up sanding it all back and trying again. Are you in it for the look or the creative process? As Tony says, there are easier ways to change the look of your guitar.
I'd honestly use the same kind of vinyl wrap that they use for buses and Lamborghinis. There are companies that have it available for around $35, like Axe-Wrap, etc. You can computer print almost anything (textures, wood finishes, wild graphics) and then simply apply it to the guitar. When you're tired of it, you can remove it and go back to the original paint or put a different wrap on it.