I haven't posted here in years - but wanted to see what's out there as far as general "Rock" bands

Anyone have suggestions on bands with stronger lead guitars? I see lots of newer "Rock" music out there without any sophistication. 

Examples of older bands/songs that I consider having good/strong lead guitars:

1. Thrice - All That's Left, Artist in the Ambulance, Kill Me Quickly, See You in the Shallows
2. Black Tide - That Fire, Warriors of Time, Honest Eyes
3. "older" Young Guns - There Will Be Rain, Daughter of the Sea
4. Alterbridge - Burn it Down, Broken Wings
5. Closure in Moscow - Jewels for Eyes
6. Story of the Year - The Ghost of You and I, Tell Me (PAC)
7. Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers, No More Lies, Wasted Years

A newer band I liked more recently was Foals - Inhaler, Two Steps Twice. 

What else is out there from the past 5 years? What am I missing? Is the generic "rock" category light right now?

I went through the Spotify playlist I keep for everything that sparks me and sounds cool. Here are the rock songs I found in there that I added in 2017 (4 songs of about a 100 lol, pretty bad score for rock music). 



Anyway, I doubt it's really your cup of tea given the songs you mentioned. I do really like that Orielles song though, those rhythm changes are pretty sexy.
Paully1 Nice! Great song, really notable vocals! Will take a look at them.
But please don't overdo the propaganda, mate, it's like the third time I stumbled upon this video posted by you. 
frankv Not a single Bobby, no But there's a bunch of Kiszkas: Josh Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, and Sam Kiszka, I guess they're brothers)