Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing well. I've been looking for chords mainly, but tabs would do for 'The Monkee's - Heat and Soul'. I know it's not the most popular song from the band, but in my opinion, one of their best. I hope someone could help with this as it's a cool song. Just to mention, as I said I, normaly play chords as I play acoustic, but I hope someone has the chords or the tabs. For such a great song, it seems very difficult to find anything on this.
OK, tis is totally in the wrong sub-forum. It's needs to be in "Tab requests".

I'm reporting the post, (no harm or offense intended), it's just to ask the mods to move your thread.
Verse: F & C major chords

Chorus: F & Bb major chords

Instrumental section: G & C major chords
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