Hello. I bought orange ppc212 closed back with vintage 30's. In thomann they say it's 16ohms, so i connected it to my jcm2000 16 ohm only output. But now i opened the cab and each speaker has 8 ohms. Does each speaker needs to have 16ohms? Or they combine? I don't know if you'll understand what i'm talking about, but i'll appreciate help
If the Cab is new, that is not second hand with the possibility that it has been rewired, then trust the manufacturer.

As von Layzonfon said, the speakers are 8 ohm in series, = 16 ohm.

Screw the back on and plug into the 16 ohm output of your amp.

The other jack on the Cab is for piggybacking another cab. If you did this with the same cab, only then would you use the 8 ohm output on your amp.
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I was using 16 ohm output for 3 months already. Everything sounds ok, so it's probably the right way.